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Guidelines for the Preservation and Conservation of Archival Materials:


  1. All materials in contact with an original item should be of archival quality and acid-free.

  2. Archival Materials should be maintained in a cool dry place. Thus, Archive staff should have controlled levels of temperature and humidity which ensure that documents will not deteriorate

  3. Photographs can be on a support of glass, plastic, paper or metal, which all require special care.

  4. The Archivist and the staff should have full emergency control plan for its collections. This means that in the event of a fire or flood, immediate action can be taken to minimize damage to our collections.

  5. Always remove any rusty paper clips or staples from collections.

  6. Store documents and photos flat to prevent distortion.

  7. Use acid free tissue paper to interleave between pages of volumes with color plates to prevent off-setting or blocking.

  8. Use metal shelves and file cabinets instead of wooden.

  9. Establish adequate environmental condition.

  10. Never eat or drink in the storage or reading areas to avoid insects and rodents.