University Archives
4/F University Library Bldg.
UP Manila
Pedro Gil. St. Ermita, Manila
Philippines, 1000

Tel. No. (632) 526-5850
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UP Manila students, faculty & staff, researchers and members of the U.P. Oblation are allowed to use the UPMARD after proper identification and registration. To preserve the uniqueness and value of the archival and manuscript materials, researchers are requested to observe the following rules governing the use of University Archives:


  • Users must SIGN IN the logbook to use the archives.

  • A valid ID and/or borrower's card is required to use archival material.

  • Bags, envelopes and umbrellas must be placed in the bag counter (Ground Floor).

  • Researchers and their possessions are subject to search when entering or leaving the library.

  • Smoking, eating, or drinking is not allowed in the reading area of UPMARD and restroom.

  • Notes, notebooks, and PENCILS only are allowed in the reading room.

  • All users are asked to refrain from all forms of conversation

  • Manuscripts and archival materials must be used at designated tables.
    • One box will be provided at a time.
    • Only one folder at a time.
    • Do not remove items from the folders.
    • Do not rearrange items.
    • Please leave materials on the tables when finished.

Note: Violation of the rules may result in denial of access to archives.